Art of Living

The dictionary says Art of Living means the ability to derive pleasure from life. When have you been last able to do that? With the immense stress in our lives and the uncertainty that we mortals go through, it is challenging to enjoy life and derive maximum joy and happiness. Through our Art of Living program, our experts will show you the path of self-introspection, personality development, and ultimately, share the secret to happiness.

Joy and contentment are not materials to be bought, but they are the purest form of human emotion. This abstract is difficult to attain, but with the help of the Guru, you can rediscover yourself, recognize your purpose of living, and live life like an artist who is capable of drawing pleasure from every molecule of life.

Bala Gokulam

In the world of extensive competition and digitization of lives, children are getting swayed away from their cultural roots and ethics. Kids are the next generation - they are the world's future hope. So, it is more than just essential to instill in them the solid pillars of values, morals, and rituals. They should be aware of their ethnicity and be surrounded by positive energy to infuse gratefulness, humbleness, and Seva Dharma in them. Our Bala Gokulam program aims to make a difference in the lives of children to bring about a radical change in their thoughts and shape them as better human beings who will make the planet a much better place to live in. A program indulging in the essence of spirituality will transform your child’s life only for the better.

Senior Recreation Center

The fall season is not that gloomy if you can cherish its vibes. Old age is such a phase of life where you have plenty of time to trace back the life that you have traversed. But should it be mundane? Well, no. The season of fall for human lives - the phase of seniority should be adorned with finding the purpose of life, calming the soul and mind, and reflecting upon the life already passed and that which awaits. Our Senior Recreation Center is a perfect place for older adults to spend some time away from worldly tangles and noise. The ambiance of this place is suitable for prayers, meditation, and the healthy development of the seed of spirituality into life. Also, we understand the importance of companionship in this life phase; hence in our recreation center, the seniors can also enjoy various activities like boards games, card games, etc. with their friends and companions.