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"In Peace, Happiness & Healthy Living"

What is the Marga (pathway) to attain Peace? Bhagavad Gita Says: “ragadvesaviyuktaistu visayanindriyais Caran atmavasyairvidheyatma prasadaadhigacchati”
(रागद्वेषवियुक्तैस्तु विषयानिन्द्रियैश्चरन् आत्मवश्यैर्विधेयात्मा प्रसादमधिगच्छति)

Meaning: "The self-controlled being who can bring his/her likes and dislikes under the control of his/her senses will attain the ultimate peace and eternal love of life."


Do we have time to introspect ourselves and peep into our souls in the world of competition and worldly tangles? The universe lies within us, and we need to realize the essence of our being for Happiness.

Happiness is a simple term, yet the meaning is so deep-rooted and intrusive. So, what are we running after? We often do not realize that we are in pursuit of a stable mental condition reflecting peace.

Healthy living to most people means both physical and mental health are in balance or functioning well together in a person. In many instances, physical and mental health are closely linked, so that a change (good or bad) in one directly affects the other.

And we at IGGF want to hold your hand tight and illuminate your path towards Peace, Happiness and Healthy Living to lead a life devoid of worldly anxieties and full of love and….


Service to Mankind

Seva Dharma is Maha Dharma

To serve God's creation is to help the divine. The best way to show gratitude to the almighty is by serving his creation. Seva Dharma is the Maha Dharma of life. The fulfillment and satisfaction that a human soul can find upon serving another life on Earth are heavenly. Services to the ones who need it, the helpless, and our fellow humans define and fulfill our purpose of birth. You can invite enlightenment into your lives by serving your community, fellow human beings, and all those who need the services. The joy of sharing, caring, and bringing happiness to others’ faces is intangible, and the best form of guilt-free pleasure one can ever experience.

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