Service to Mankind

Seva Dharma is Maha Dharma

To serve God's creation is to help the divine. The best way to show gratitude to the almighty is by serving his creation. Seva Dharma is the Maha Dharma of life. The fulfillment and satisfaction that a human soul can find upon serving another life on Earth are heavenly. Services to the ones who need it, the helpless, and our fellow humans define and fulfill our purpose of birth. You can invite enlightenment into your lives by serving your community, fellow human beings, and all those who need the services. The joy of sharing, caring, and bringing happiness to others’ faces is intangible, and the best form of guilt-free pleasure one can ever experience.


Priest Services

Training Priests: A priest will act as a mentor and show the path to others in attaining the goal of peace and harmony in life. Our program is aimed to provide the necessary structure and environment for the personal and intellectual development of the priests who wish to serve others. This course emphasizes teaching the to-be priests the true meaning of religion, humanity, rituals, and their implications in real life.

Puja Services

Puja is an essential concert of the Indian Spiritual Trajectory to establish a relationship between the mortals and the divine. Puja is the blissful and pure marga (pathway) to follow the divine creator. Be it an auspicious day or the onset of a new journey, puja is a vital ritual in the Indian ethnicity. The power of prayers is aligned strongly with the way they are presented to the divine, and what better than an ethnic puja can do that? Our puja services assure you of the complete performance of all the religious rituals, considering the morals and values of the Indian ethnicity. Everything shall be performed with divine spirituality and authentic norms from the mantra path to the puja rituals.

Priest Consulting & Spiritual Healing

Seeking assurance from an expert instills the trust that we rightly observe our traditional practices and values. Our Priest Consulting services strive to ease your apprehensions of adhering to the right tenets and norms in your path to attain serenity and tranquility. You can avail of our services for every auspicious occasion to sanctify your space and appease the divine force to illuminate your souls. Spiritual healing is provided by renowned Guru Swami Yogi Anand Ji.


Service to Mankind

Our priests are trained and competent in conducting all types of pujas with the required, unique rituals. We offer the best custom puja services. Be it the entrance to your new home with a Grah Pravesh puja or a dosha Mukti puja, we are all set to help you with the best.


Special Meditation Groups

Come and join our mediation groups where you will meet like-minded people and qualified instructors who will help you to focus on meditation and lead a peaceful life.


Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, or Gemology guidance

: Benefit from our premier services where trained experts share their professional insights to help you live life better and attain divine blessings of the planet.


Sanskrit and Special Bhagavad Gita Classes

Be a part of our Gita classes to discover the authentic meaning and implications of the greatest book for our mankind. Understand what advice and guidance Lord Krishna has laid down for us to live a life full of satisfaction and gratitude. Explore your culture at its best.